Law is a Science of Social behavior of Human Beings which sets the Principle to mould the Human Behavior, The parameter of differentiating human beings from animals is the ‘rationality’ as Almighty God said in the Holy Quran, that the man is made as supreme among all living beings in this Universe. Hence Allah expects the greatest loyalty and moral behavior from all the sons (Daughters) of Adam, for the purpose of implementing that divine law on His Servants (Human Beings).

Al-Ameen Movement in its continuous and restless efforts in moving towards organizational goals to achieve complete literacy for the establishment of a just and ideal society has established the Al-Ameen College of Law to cater to the needs of legal education. Legal education is essentially a multi disciplined, multipurpose education which can develop the human resources and idealism needed to strengthen the legal system. A lawyer, a product of such an education, would be able to contribute to national development and social change in a much more constructive manner. And Al-Ameen is a platform to all the people in legal fraternity to write on issues of the society.