Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan
Founder & Chairman
Al-Ameen Educational Society

Al-Ameen College of Law occupies pride of place among the flagship institutions of Al-Ameen. The College stands for a Global Leadership in Providing Legal Education. It embodies the essence of “Rabbi Zidni Ilma” which means Oh God unTo Give Me More Knowledge. This institute has the Sole purpose to provide quality Legal Education to the aspirants of law.

I am happy that the Al-Ameen College of law is working hard to provide the better platform to the students to excel in their career. The primary function of an “Al-ameen law review” must be to provide a vehicle for an academic publication in the field of law. Al-Ameen motto i.e. educating the people about the legal issues in the present scenario. The result of this excellent work is the beginning of a new journey of the college focusing on every new issue which is connected with the society and Country.

Law is an instrument of Social Change and protector of the Fundamental rights of the people in the society. To achieve this objective one of the best way to direct the Law in a better way is through the writings of the people among the legal fraternity. Al-Ameen College of Law has taken the task to achieve the clear objective of Law by making an effort to bring out through Al-Ameen Law Review. Al-Ameen College of Law strives for creating quality lawyers who can be an asset to the Indian legal system. Al-Ameen in its own way as it highlights the culture prevailing in the society from legal point of view.